Welcome to Miss Communication!

Before I get started, I just want begin with a quick blurb about who I am, why I have this blog and where I hope to go from here!!

My name is Addison and I’m a student at Furman University. I’m currently in a Digital Communications class so this blog will be where I fulfill most of my assignments throughout the semester. My goal at this point is to head toward the Public Relations and Crisis Management side of the Communications world. During this semester, I hope to gain the ability to develop ideas and methods of communicating both digitally and orally as I see myself using all forms of communication though out my life.

I chose this specific theme because I think it is clear and concise so you don’t get distracted by the layout, yet has bold colors that attract your attention. The thing about this format that sold me was that the tittle of the blog (Miss Communication) stands out against the red background.

A few topics that I am currently considering to explore further during this course include the use and misuse of social media, the transformation that downtown Greenville has undergone in the past 30 years and Service Dogs.

Now here are a few questions posed by my professor about Digital Media along with my responses to them:

What is digital media? I think that if you asked someone this same question five years ago they would give you a completely different answer than if you asked them again today. Digital media has become the primary means of communication for most people. Communication used to be thought of as talking on the phone, sending an email or sending a letter. Now, digital media allows us to communicate by sending youtube links to friends via Facebook walls or imbedding links for buzzfeed articles in tweets. Digital media allows us to connect with each other quicker than ever before. This means that news can travel across the world in a matter of seconds versus days or weeks.

How does the internet work? I’m a Google baby. I was taught from a very young age that the easiest way to handle the internet is through search engines. Because of this, I’m definitely not the most efficient internet user. As far as I know, when you type what you’re looking for into the little search engine bar, an extremely complicated and brilliant equation of codes is put into motion to search through the trillions of articles, pictures, websites and more to find the information that you requested.

What are your favorite types of media? Being away at school, I’ve become a much bigger fan of Facebook. Not only does it allow you to keep up with friends from home when you’re at school and friends from school when you’re at home, but it also lets you create a sort of memory book from a certain period of time or a specific event. My favorite app at the moment is either TimeHop (because you can connect with your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts and shows you things you posted on that day in previous years) or YikYak (because you can post anonymously, peak in on other universities all over the country to see whats going on and sometimes just have a good laugh at the funny things people post about)

How have they changed over the years? TimeHop and YikYak are both relatively new to the digital media world (created in 2011 and 2013, respectively). They are however revolutionary in their own ways. TimeHop is only possible because of the success of social media platforms like Facebook in the past 10 years. While Facebook used to be a place for status updates and pictures, it has become focused on pictures and sharing articles or videos and Twitter has become the place for status updates. YikYak has changed in the sense that is was developed in the midst of a lot of controversy surrounding online bullying. Because the app allows you to post anonymously it created a place where bullying would be much easier than even on Facebook. The creators of the app were able to limit and manage the app however so that this did not become a problem.

What will the digital landscape look like in 10 years and how will you contribute to what that model looks like? While digital media has become an extremely present part in most people’s lives, I expect the various social platforms on the internet to be the primary if not only form of communication aside from phone calls. I think that writing letters, printed newspapers and magazines and even printed books are all dying forms of communication and art. Although this may seem like a terrible thing, if you just look at it as progress it becomes very interesting and even exciting to see society moving on to this new Digital Age. I am contributing to this new model just by writing a blog rather than typing up a paper to be printed out. Everything I do on Facebook or Twitter or this blog all contribute to the new digital landscape that we are forming.


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